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Birdfeeders for Your Garden

Spring in Northern Chile, by Kay Quijada

2004 Memorial Day Plant Sale and Membership Drive

2004 Tomato Tasting Challange

Jim Wright Garden Tour

Spring Wilderness of NW Argentina

The Africa Tree

2005 Memorial Day Plant Sale and Membership Drive

Joan Helland Garden Tour

2005 Tomato Tasting Challange

Requa House/Garden Tour

Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

2006 Memorial Day Plant and Pot Sale

2006 Tomato Tasting Challange

Visit to Dean Turney's Garden

2007 Memorial Day Sale

2007 Tomato Tasting Challange

Prunning Fruit Trees

Community Gardens

Mike and Hariett Fukuda's Garden

John and Rebecca Rodolff's Garden

2008 Tomato Tasting Challenge

Molly McConnel's Garden

Kensington Church Garden

Samantha Swann's Garden

2009 Tomato Tasting Challenge

John and Rebecca Rodolff's Garden--2010

2010 Tomato Tasting Challenge

2011 Tomato Tasting Challenge

Palm Walk

Palms of Kensington