2005 Tomato Tasting Challange at August Meeting

Tomato Tasting Results - 2005

Green Zebra 8
Valencia 5
Yellow Pear 5
Carmelo 3
Marianna's Peace 3
Principe Borghese 2
Wapsinipcon 2
Early Girl 2
Australian 2
Better Boy 2
Lemon Boy 1
Caspian Pink 0



At the August meeting club members brought home-grown tomatoes, which we tasted and judged. Most of the tomatoes were from plants grown from seed as part of our Memorial Day Tomato Plant Sale. From the twelve varieties of tomatoes, the one judged the best tasting was Green Zebra, with 8 votes. Tied for second, with 5 votes each, were Valencia and Yellow Pear. To compare this year's results with our last year's tomato tasting results, click here.


Some winning varieties Helen with tomato ears
Bill stuffing his mouth A unique variety
Taking tasting seriously
The best tomatoes in Kensington