Visit to Dean Turney's Garden
Susan Leonard

On Saturday, March 10th, three of us with connections to the KenTal Garden Club went to Leucadia to visit Dean Turney's gardens. Dean is the President of the San Diego Camellia Society. It was a somewhat overcast day which was perfect weather to see the variety of camellias he's cultivating and the smaller number of azaleas.
To the great delight of Molly McConnell and her gardening friend from Oceanside, Dean also grows and propagates a wide variety of begonias. After a tour of his gardens and greenhouse, Dean and his wife, Susan, offered us a lovely buffet meal which we ate under one of the sun-screen shelters in his garden; then, he offered to give us cuttings and specific information on propagating begonias and camellias.
It was a very worthwhile visit for us three; we appreciated his generosity of time and attentive hospitality.